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How long does an average decorative curbing install?
An average install of 150 feet will take approximately 4 hours start to finish. 
Will installation of curbing damage my yard?
Simply Put No. We use ZERO heavy equipment on your property or lawn. The machine used to make the curb is no larger then a lawn mower. 
Do I need to do anything to prepare for your arrival and Install?

There are a few things that North River Curbing will need in order to complete the job. We will need access to a water source (garden hose hook-up). You will need to have any and all subterranean objects marked. We are not responsible for contacting the utility department or identifying these objects ( invisible fences for pets, cable lines, and sprinkler systems) 

Do I need to be concerned with the flowers / plants growing in my flower beds?

Nope! Since our machines are compact and no wider that about two feet, we will not damage your existing flower beds or any other foliage. 
Do I need to physically be there when the curbing is installed?

Your Presence is not required during the curbing installation. But you may want to watch how its done! 
How long does the decorative curbing last?

The Decorative curbing will last many years with proper care and maintenance. 
How deep do you dig to install the Decorative Curbing?
Zero digging is involved. We remove grass and foliage down to the bare dirt. There is no footer as the curbing is made of concrete and acts as its own footing. 
Will ground movement break my decorative curbing?
Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time but Curbing is one continuous piece that won’t shift. We install control / expansion joints every 2-3 feet which are cut about 40% into the decorative curbing, therefore if the ground moves, your decorative curbing will crack at the pre-cut joints. 
Will the decorative curbing keep out grass?

North River Curbing installations have a proven track record at preventing sod from entering your landscape beds. It also prevents weeds from growing into your landscape since it is one continuous piece. Our landscape molds are designed high enough to keep sod from growing through it, and also high enough on the back to stop your bed covering, such as mulch / rocks / pine bark / and other coverage to run out into the grass. 
How much does decorative curbing cost?

Each job is custom and requires measuring the exact distance of curbing to be installed. North River Curbing offers honest and competitive pricing that is sure to earn your business. We also provide FREE on-site estimates. Schedule your Estimate Today!

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